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Kaam chalu hai (2024)

Kaam Chalu Hai is a touching movie starring Rajpal Yadav, Giaa Manek, and Kurangi Nagrak. Directed by Palaash Mucchal, it tells the story of a father, played by Yadav, who fights for justice after something terrible happens to his daughter.

This film brings attention to an important social problem and shows the great acting of its stars. With a powerful story and great acting, Kaam Chalu Hai hopes to touch its viewers.

TitleKaam Chalu Hai
GenreTragic Drama
Release DateApril 19, 2024
DirectorPalaash Mucchal
Main CastRajpal Yadav, Giaa Manek, Kurangi Nagrak
BudgetNot specified
Streaming PlatformZee5


Kaam Chalu Hai tells a moving story that touches your heart with its strong plot and sincere acting. Rajpal Yadav plays Manoj Patil, a dad struggling with the terrible loss of his daughter. Giaa Manek is great as Radha, even though she’s not on screen much. Kurangi Nagrak’s innocence makes you feel for the Patil family even more.

Director Palaash Mucchal shares a story about resilience and standing up for what’s right, highlighting the problem of potholes on Indian roads. Sometimes the movie’s pace slows down, but the good script and acting keep you interested. The music by Saurabh Singh Senger adds a lot to the emotional moments.

Main Cast of Kaam chalu hai

  • Rajpal Yadav as Manoj Patil
  • Giaa Manek as Radha Patil
  • Kurangi Nagrak as Garvita Patil


Kaam Chalu Hai is about Manoj Patil, a caring dad from Sangli. He lives with his wife Radha and their daughter Garvita. Manoj works hard to make Garvita’s dream of becoming a cricketer come true, even though they don’t have much money and people expect different things from them. But everything changes when Garvita dies in an accident caused by a pothole.

Manoj is heartbroken by his daughter’s sudden death. He decides to seek justice and make sure those responsible for the potholes are held accountable. Even though he faces many problems and setbacks, he doesn’t give up. He even starts fixing the potholes himself. Kaam Chalu Hai shows how one person’s determination and strength can make a difference in fighting injustice and stopping more tragedies from happening.

Where to Watch ‘Kaam chalu hai’ Online?

The movie is now streaming online on the Zee5 platform. This Rajpal Yadav’s great film is released on the OTT platform, so you can enjoy it online from your home if you have a subscription to the platform

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